Tips to hang art on your walls

Although it may seem an easy task to hang art in your space, there are basic things to take into consideration before you hammer another hole in your wall. But first of all, let’s just say that there is no right or wrong way. What’s more important is that you should do it in a way that feels right to you. These few tips and techniques will guide you in bringing your walls to life.
1 Hang at the right height
In rooms with standard 8 foot ceilings, the artwork should be mounted so that the center of the piece is at approximately 58 inches from the floor. When mounting above a sofa, leave a space of 10 to 12 inches between the top of the sofa back and the bottom of the artwork. For your kids’ room, you might want to hang the pieces lower so they can look at it from their height.
2 Use a ruler
If you want your artwork to be straight, don’t just eyeball it. Take out your measuring tape and measure twice before you make the first hole.
3 Don’t just use nails
Hammering a nail into drywall is just not enough to support heavier artwork. Depending on the weight, you should be using single or multiple steel hooked wire hangers that are rated for the weight of the artwork. For heavier pieces or keyhole mounts, use screws in drywall anchors. We offer an assortment of hooks, clips and architectural screws specifically designed for various applications.
4 Consider furniture size
Artwork should never be too narrow or wider than the width of the furniture that is below it. A general rule is that it should be around 75% of the furniture piece.
5 Lighting is important
Artwork can be emphasized with proper lighting. To make your artwork stand out, choose a well-lit wall or add accent lighting to your room.
6 Protect your artworks
Avoid direct exposure to sunlight which will fade the colors of your artwork over time, even if they are laminated. Also avoid mounting your artwork close to heaters or in rooms with high humidity levels.
7 Make a statement
A large artwork makes a statement and can be used in a bigger space to call attention to a focal point. You can also hang a large piece in a small room to visually open up a small room by giving the impression of looking through a window.
8 Create groupings
Hang multiple pieces by grouping them in a square or rectangular grid. With various sizes, the shape of the grid won’t be perfect, but try to keep it balanced and symmetrical. To imagine the layout on your wall, lay your pictures on the floor with a 2-3 inch space between them to explore different possibilities.

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