Go big or go home. (No, really!) When it's time to get serious about your image, modular displays provide plenty of possibilities. Easily scale and reconfigure your exhibit from one show to the next while perfecting your message as you go. With a long list of available options, let us design your perfect modular display and provide peace of mind for years to come.


Panoramic® modular exhibits

Panoramic® allows you to create a customized exhibit using pre-assembled modules that easily connect to one another. With no visible profiles, it is completely dedicated to your brand, creating an unparalleled visual impact and making your booth a true mark of quality. With a complete assortment of useful functionalities, Panoramic® can be used in every space, even those you have yet to consider!


Orbital Truss modular system

The bold, contemporary and industrial look of the Orbital Truss system dominates the show floor thanks to its large graphics and product display options. Whether you're designing for a 10' or 20' space, Orbital Truss is highly versatile and can be assembled to almost any configuration. Set-up is a snap – simply twist and lock, no tools required – and all components fit neatly into a molded freight case.

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