Creative Laminating is dedicated to quality mounting and laminating for personal, professional or commercial applications.
With a wealth of options and expertise, Creative Laminating and Custom Services is dedicated to quality mounting and laminating whether for personal, professional or commercial applications. From the most delicate job, to large format/large volume orders, we provide the same level of QUALITY, CREATIVITY and SERVICE that have made us a leader in mounting and laminating services for over 25 years.

Perfect for short term presentations or for photographs/artwork to be displayed behind glass, dry-mounting is the process of permanently adhering a printed piece to a rigid substrate or backing, allowing it to stand or be hung upright without risk of curling. We can dry-mount your photos, posters, maps, architectural drawings – just about anything – to any number of substrates including foamboard, artboard, plastic, wood and metal.


We can also apply a protective film to the front of your piece allowing for greater color depth and superb presentation. What’s more, laminating films protect against discoloring, fading and deterioration. We offer a number of finishes and textures including matte, ultra-matte, gloss, satin, canvas, linen, pebble and more.

Encapsulating (Roll Laminating)

Perfect for posters, menus, maps and so much more, roll laminating protects and enhances the presentation of any printed piece by applying a protective film to both sides. We offer a range of thicknesses and finishes including matte, satin and gloss.

Plaque Mounting

Plaque mounting is a popular choice for permanently displaying original and printed pieces at home or work. With a simple yet refined look, plaque mounts are easy to hang and require virtually no care. The precise beveled edge is available in a variety of colors as are the optional mat line and mat border designed to further enhance your piece.

Mounting to Acrylic or Glass

For a truly unique and elegant look, we offer face mounting to premium acrylic for fine art photography, as well as mounting to acrylic or glass for displays, awards and upscale indoor signage.

Specialty Mounting and Laminating

We offer many specialty laminating films and substrates for both indoor and outdoor applications including no-glare, scuff-resistant, anti-graffiti, dry-erase, magnetic, archival, biodegradable and more. The possibilities are endless! When quality counts, call Creative Laminating to discuss your mounting and laminating needs.

Other Laminated Products and Services

With so many possibilities, it is easy to overlook many items that involve lamination. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered with a full range of products and services including laminated business cards, laminated labels, magnetic products, ID badges, luggage tags, plastic cards, laminated mousepads, counters cards, counter mats, product samples boards, conference/event collateral, dry-erase boards and presentation materials, and so much more.

Don’t Be Left Hanging

Sure, all our plaquemounts come with a handy keyhole for hanging. But how do you go about displaying our other substrates and mounting boards? No worries. We offer an assortment of hooks, clips and architectural screws specifically designed for each application that will make each piece jump off the wall… or rather stay on it! 
And to help you make the most of everything we offer, look to Creative Laminating for complimentary products including poster displays, wire hanging systems, stand-offs and more.